Our commitment

Reduction of CO² emissions

- we planted 512 trees in 2018 and 8198 in 2019

- all our buildings will be supplied with green electricity from Enercoop within a few months

- our offices and warehouse are passive energy (triple glazing, adjustable solar shading, air exchange, etc.)

- we finance the installation of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels with Innovent, a company based in Villeneuve d'Ascq (North of France). Our contribution permits the production of more than 240,000 KWh of green electricity per year, more energy than our buildings consume: we have positive-energy headquarters, warehouse and Avril stores!

- we deliver the restocking of our Lille shops by bike via Coursiers de Flandres

- we turn off the lights in our shops in the evening

Waste reduction: product

- since always, we sell our products without overpacking cardboard or blister

- we are integrating more and more recycled plastic in our packaging

- we replaced the plastic packaging of our accessories and our soaps with paper

- non-marketable products (short expiry date, damaged packaging) are given to associations

- bulk shower gel is being installed in our stores

- we are working on the development of zero waste alternatives

Waste reduction: logistics / IT

- we only use kraft and cartons from previous deliveries as wedges

- we reuse products boxes to send orders

- we buy most of our computer equipment in refurbished

Waste reduction: shop

- we only print the receipts at the request of the customers

- we do not offer cash bags

- the shopping baskets are made of recycled cardboard in an ESAT

- we only offer paper bags for purchase

Waste reduction: everyday

- we do not buy plastic water bottles

- we reduce our consumption of disposable paper towels with washable cloths and cloths

- we manufacture ourselves our cleaning products

- we sort our waste and get the paper back to paper

- we installed hives on the green spaces of our headquarters

Waste reduction: communication and advertising

- we do not print any document to promote our brand in paper format (catalog, flyer ...)

- we do not manufacture samples

Social and solidarity economy

- we opened a bank account at the NEF, a social and solidarity finance cooperative. The money is only spent to finance ecological and social economy projects.