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Our commitment

Reduction of CO2 emissions

- we planted 43 412 trees:

- 512 in 2018 in Hauts-de-France (Linselles, Bailleul and Béthune with Canopée Reforestation association)

- 9 500 in 2019 in New Aquitaine (Bonneuil-Matours with the Naudet nursery)

- 16 400 in 2020 in the Grand Est region (Dinteville with the Naudet nursery).

- In December 2022, 17,000 trees were planted in the Somme at Cramont with the help of our partner Naudet.

- we are turning to green energies: our headquarters and the majority of our stores are already supplied with green electricity from Enercoop

- our offices and warehouse are designed to be energy efficient (triple glazing, adjustable solar shading, air exchange, etc.)

- we finance the installation of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels with Innovent, a company based in Villeneuve d'Ascq (North of France). Our contribution permits the production of more than 240,000 KWh of green electricity per year, more energy than our buildings consume: we have positive-energy headquarters, warehouse and Avril stores!

- we deliver the restocking of our Lille shops by bike via Coursiers de Flandres

- we turn off the lights in our shops in the evening

- all our Colissimo and Lettre Verte deliveries are CO2 neutral thanks to La Poste group's carbon reduction and offset efforts (13 tonnes of CO2 equivalent offset in 2020)

- We transport our pallets of goods in trucks running on natural gas (80% less CO2 emissions)

- Our employees no longer travel by plane, we prefer the train

Waste & CO2 reduction: product

Reduction of waste and wastage / recycling of packaging:

We have eliminated the plastic wrapping around accessories and products whenever possible (except for items requiring special protection against humidity or for hygienic reasons). We replaced this packaging with paper (body & hand soaps, etc.)

We are stopping the production of liquid hand soaps because we offer solid alternatives (body & hand soaps, cold process soaps).

We are working on the development of products in aluminum packaging, packaging that can be recycled many times over than plastic (a balm deodorant, shea butter will soon join the range)

We include recycled plastic in the packaging of our new products whenever possible (for product packaging as well as for accessories such as the pencil sharpener which will soon contain a share of recycled plastic)

We are working on the development of solid formulas because they avoid the transport of water contrary to liquid formulas. We are also planning refills of these powdered products.

Non-marketable products (short expiration date, damaged packaging) are available on the Phoenix application or donated to associations.

CO2 reduction / relocation:

We are trying to repatriate the manufacture to France (this is the case for our lipsticks which are now made in France instead of Italy) and we are working on the repatriation of other products, in particular accessories from Asia (our tweezers are now made in France)

We are looking for solutions so that the delivery of our products to our order preparation warehouse is done via trucks running on natural gas.

Waste reduction: logistics / IT

- we only use kraft and packagings from previous deliveries as wedges

- we reuse products boxes to send orders

- we buy most of our computer equipment in refurbished

Waste reduction: shop

- we print cash receipts and credit cards only at the request of customers

- we do not offer checkout bags and only offer paper bags or fabric tote bags to buy

Waste reduction: everyday

- we do not buy plastic water bottles

- we reduce our consumption of disposable paper towels with washable cloths and cloths

- we manufacture ourselves our cleaning products

- Avril has entered into a partnership with the Lemon tri company to recycle more and better, in particular by locally recycling waste not covered by municipal collection.

Waste reduction: communication and advertising

- we do not print any document to promote our brand (catalog, flyer ...)

- we do not manufacture samples

Social and solidarity economy

- we opened a bank account at the NEF, a social and solidarity finance bank. The money is only spent to finance ecological and social economy projects.