Latex-free blender sponge

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Its advantages

Ideal for applying foundation, concealer or skincare.

Ultra-soft, plush texture

Precise pointed tip

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The routine Perfect complexion

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1 Make-up
2 Blender
3 Mattify
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  2. Latex-free blender sponge
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You won't be able to do without Avril's latex-free blender sponge! Whether you're using it to apply foundation, concealer or even skincare products, this sponge is incredibly effective!

Long-lasting : No

Instructions for use : Which products should you use your Avril blender sponge for? - Concealer: use the pointed tip to apply concealer. Take a small amount of product and pat it into the dark circles, not forgetting the inner corner of the eye. - Foundation: place a small amount of product on the rounded tip of your sponge and apply in circular motions. Repeat the operation for more intense coverage. - Cream or serum: again, use the larger tip to apply your skincare products (mask, cream, serum, etc.).

Maintenance advice : For optimum use and long life, moisten your blender lightly before use. Clean it at least once a week by running it under clear water and then pressing it gently against the palm of your hand. From time to time, add a little soap to thoroughly clean it. Then let it air-dry. Do not machine-wash or use under very hot water - to remove excess water, squeeze the sponge without wringing it.

Vegan product : Yes

Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women : No

Place of manufacture : China

Info tri (dematerialised) : 7

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